Our Standard steps, made in the USA, all hand built, 3/4 wood construction at 22 lbs., clear coat finish with traction strips and pads.
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Quality Built by Hand

A Step Above® Bedside Step System

Step up to improved health, safety, comfort, and mobility. Modern sleep systems are taller than ever these days. The simple task of getting in and out of bed can be dangerous for your pets, children and for those with limited mobility.

With a A Step Above® Bedside Step System, you and your pets can easily get in and out of bed safely and comfortably. You’ll wonder what you ever did without one!

Built for Comfort and Safety

A Step Above® step systems are ergonomically designed to provide a comfortable, stress-free bedtime experience. Our securely built steps help you and your pets get into and out of bed with total comfort and peace of mind. 

Weight = strength, the time to build = quality built in the USA, traction strips and pads = we care and don’t want you to fall

Made For You in The U.S.A.

Backed by two U.S. patents, every detail of our 100% American-made step systems are built to last the test of time. These steps are high end and labor intensive. All our products are 3/4 wood construction, built in the USA, Midwest. Cut on a robotic CNC machine, sanded, edged, assembled, traction strips and traction pads, inspected, all by hand. Our standard steps, clear coat at 22 pounds, are hand built to last.

All steps are made to order by hand. Shipping is typically 10-14 days.

Puppy Steps

Available in 3 or 4 steps to help any size pup get into any sized bed.

Standard Step

Just a little help to get you or a smaller four-legged friend up and into bed. Built for placement at the left, right or foot of your bed. 

Seat & Step

Most beds are too tall for completing even simple tasks like putting on shoes.

The Standard Step is included.



A step made for life!

I ordered a step for my aging dog to get into bed easily. I was thrilled to find a high quality step that Buster could use easily. Not only does he use it daily, the step stays in place and handles his 120 LBS easily.Thank you for building such a quality product!

LOVE this Step!

This will be the only step you will ever purchase. The quality of the product is amazing and my cat loves using it to assist her getting into bed. Thank you!